How long does the sell account process take to complete?

In order to sell or trade your account to us, please follow these steps.

1). Click the Sell Account Option on the website under your specific game.
2). On the Sell Account Page, submit your character information and select your desired payment method.
On the Next Page, an instant quote will be generated. If you accept this quote, complete the final page for information, and wait for an agent to be assigned to your order and complete your account submission.

The process to complete your account submission usually takes between 24 to 96 hours depending on your specific game. On extreme cases, you may experience delay times up to a week. If you are waiting for more than a week, this may mean that we did not receive your information, there may have been a technical issue, or we have sent e-mails to you and are awaiting your reply.

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10th of April, 2013

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