How do I fully protect and secure my World of Warcraft Account?

Recent updates in World of Warcraft conclude that the best way to secure your World of Warcraft Account is to protect it before you start to play it. As a result, the following are required in order for our 10 year license guarantee agreement to apply with your order.

Step 1: Purchase A Game Time Card To Subscribe To The Game
Before you go about paying for this account by credit card, we strongly recommend that you instead go to any major retail store and pick up a game time subscription card. After that, enter this onto your World of Warcraft Account and subscribe to the game this way for at least 180 days (recommended) but we require it for at least the first subscription.

Step 2: Change Your Character(s) Server & Character(s) Name
After purchasing a character, before you enter the game we highly suggest you complete a Paid Character Transfer and change the characters server. The reason is due to that if a player reports this account, your account could be temporarily suspend until you provide World of Warcraft information. Before you handle any server transfer, in order to get a free name change, please create the character with the same name (if you purchase a character with name maximus then create the same name on the server you want to be transferred to) on YOUR destination server (the server you want to play on) with any existing WOW account (you can create this character and the same characters name on any WoW Account as the importance of doing this is just to create this characters name as when you do then the name is taken and you will be forced to choose a new name when the character changes servers). If the character name is already taken (this means that if you try to create a new character with this character name and it is taken already, then you can skip this process), then you may skip this step.

Step 3: Don't Use The Same E-mail Twice
Also, in order to satisfy our 100% Security Guarantee, after the character has been transferred to your destination server within the same account, this wow Account you have purchased from us will need to be merged with a account. For maximum security, it is important that you create a brand NEW email address to administrate as the login email. Moreover, DON'T merge your existing WOW accounts and any game accounts from Blizzard to this account as that will void our 100% security guarantee. Please DO NOT under any circumstance change the registration information of the account to yourself. ONCE you have confirmed this is the correct character you purchased, I will give you further steps.

Step 4: Use Time Cards or Pre Paid Cards
We recommend not to use Paypal or your existing credit card - but only game cards - to pay for the game subscription for this WoW account. Make sure that the billing matches that of the previous owner.

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3rd of November, 2010

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