How can I track my account submission?

How can I track my account submission?

How long does it take to complete my account submission?

Please remain patient on your so an agent can check your submission. Normally the process may take up to 72 hours, but on extreme cases, you may experience delay times up to a week. Don't worry, we will NEVER touch your account until an agent verifys the account, and issues a payment. If you are waiting for more than a week, this may mean that we did not receive your information, we are not interested in purchasing your character or there may have been a technical issue. Please note, we are actively purchasing characters, but we do occasionally deny specific accounts as we cannot sell them due to overstock.

I am unable to view my account submission status. Is my order number incorrect?

If you completed your account submission, you should have received an e-mail similar to the one below. Please reference the "red font" as that is where your order number will be in your e-mail to track your account submission status.

Hi there,

SUCCESS! You're all set! We have received your information, and a payment will be sent within 1 to 96 hours. Please remain patient during this processing time as we do have delays from time to time. If any of your information is invalid, we will email you using the email address you provided us asking for more information. Please make sure all information is accurate so we can avoid any further delays. Please feel free to visit live help if you have any questions, or email support if you have any updates you need to provide us on your submission. Thank you!

Account Submission ID: A1341727
Account name: x

Accounts Team

I am still unable to track my account submission with the order number provided in the e-mail. What can I do?

100% of the time this is related to the following
  • You are not signed into your member account, or
  • You are not entering the right account submission order number.


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