I cannot activate my FFXI Account. How can I fix this?

Final Fantasy XI has two different versions of PlayOnline. Version 1 is based in the North America, and Version 2 is based in Europe. If you try to access an account based on a different Version of FFXI, you will not be able to access the membership area.

You may have a problem trying to login to change information in your membership section in PlayOnline. This is because you purchased a FFXI account with a different FFXI version (example you purchased an Europe version when you are currently accessing an USA version). In order to fix this, you will need to download a different version which can be run as a second application on your desktop (it will not overwrite your US version).



This should solve all your problems with Final Fantasy XI. If you run into more problems, feel free to contact our support via email for additional assistance.

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29th of January, 2010

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