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  1. questionHow can I verify your website?
    GeoTrust Secured GeoTrust® is the world's second largest digital certificate provider. More than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries trust GeoTrust to secure online transactions and conduct business over the Internet. Our range of digital certificate and trust products enable organizati ...
  2. questionI still want to know more about you before I sell. Can you provide this?
    Most companies require information up front before you receive the cash. The reason is because before when we paid the individual first, over 90% of them never delivered the account. We require the account information first before we send payment to verify the information. During this time, we w ...
  3. questionWhy are you the best choice to sell or trade an account to?
    When deciding what to do when selling your account, you must decide the best way to sell it. What do we offer? Best prices possible. Pay you immediately. Multiple payment options USA Based Instant quotes. We offer what we quote, and nothing less. No work required. Submit and you're done. ...
  4. questionCan the game companies detect that you are selling/buying an account?
    No. We use Class C IP's on all our orders dedicated to individual accounts. While other companies use the same IP's over and over, or foreign chinese IP's on your account, we use SECURE IP's as you could purchase an account from a foreign company, and within a few weeks after your order it's ban ...
  5. questionWhy is your website so automated?
    Our systems are as automated as they can be to avoid common human error mistakes.
  6. questionAre you based in China?
    No. We are 100% American Based since 2007. That doesn't mean that we have a domestic office located in the United States like the rest, it means that 100% of our staff are born Americans with our only offices based in the United States.
  7. questionHow much feedback does your PayPal account have?
    Our PayPal account has a positive feedback of 60,000 currently.
  8. questionDo you alter, modify, or login to my account before paying for it?
    We do not touch, alter, modify, login or do anything to your account until we are ready to review and purchase it. If anything is changed, immediately reset your password either by contacting Game Support or resetting it using the lost password option available on the games website.
  9. questionHow long have you been in business?
    GameWar launched it's website in September 2007. However, the employees that work for GameWar have been in this industry since the late 90s.
  10. questionHow many customers have submitted to your website before?
    On February 2010, we received our 2,000,000th customer submitting for a quote on our website.
  11. questionDo you use MSN, YM, AIM, ICQ for buying and selling?
    We never use MSN, YM, AIM, ICQ to perform any transactions. All our buying and selling is processed via our Live Help ( Live Chat Window ) and by E-mail. Please ignore those requests made if someone messages you through an online messenger service.
  12. questionI thought account buying, trading, and selling was illegal?
    Virtual trade or real-money trade (RMT) has been taking place for years. There is some controversy as various game publishers don't condone virtual trade while other game publishers actively encourage trade. While we acknowledge and respect the ownership rights of game publishers and developers, ...
  13. questionSomeone contacted me on MSN, AIM, ICQ, a forum or other instant messaging platform claiming to be from your company, are they?
    No, we do not conduct any communications outside of our on-site chat platform or directly via email. Please contact support if someone has contacted you outside of our website.
  14. questionDo you use a collection agency if a problem ever happens to my account I sell?
    No. On all account submissions submitted to us after December 28, 2008, we no longer send to a collection agency. Instead we will communicate through registered mail and/or by phone if a problem occurs with your account you submit to us. If you are still concerned that we may forward you to a co ...
  15. questionHow can I trust that you will not just strip or take items off my account?
    We understand your concern with security, and that is why we are up front in providing you the information you need to know before you sell. Before or after any transaction we do, we never remove ANY items including in-game currency off your account. The reason is strictly due to the overall se ...
  16. questionHow can I trust you that you will actually pay me?
    We understand your concern with security, and that is why we are up front in providing you the information you need to know before you sell. Our company has two goals. Purchase as many accounts as possible. Protect the people who buy your account. If we were to change your information, and ...
  17. questionDoes my account information change before I receive payment?
    It depends on your payment method. If you selected an instant payment option, then at the time our agents change your information, you also will be receiving payment. If you selected a payment that takes 1 to 10 business days to arrive and complete, then you will receive a confirmation your pay ...
  18. question Why can't I receive payment before I give you my account information?
    We originally paid before we requested that you deliver your account information to us. However the reasons we don't pay before we receive the account information are one or more of the following reasons. Setting up times to meet in game to inspect your character are next to impossible to arra ...
  19. questionHow secure is this process?
    The process of selling your account, submitting your information is completely secure. The reason is due to We use THAWTE, one of the leading 128 Bit SSL Encryption providers worldwide. THAWTE scans, secures, and encrypts all information that is processed through our systems. We agree to a se ...