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  1. questionHow do I fully protect and secure my World of Warcraft Account?
    Recent updates in World of Warcraft conclude that the best way to secure your World of Warcraft Account is to protect it before you start to play it. As a result, the following are required in order for our 10 year license guarantee agreement to apply with your order. Step 1: Purchase A Game Tim ...
  2. questionHow can I verify your website?
    GeoTrust Secured GeoTrust® is the world's second largest digital certificate provider. More than 100,000 customers in over 150 countries trust GeoTrust to secure online transactions and conduct business over the Internet. Our range of digital certificate and trust products enable organizati ...
  3. questionWhat happens if the original owner decides to reclaim his/her account?
    All sellers who sell to us are locked into agreements which are force-able if in event of a breach. While the rest promise security, we guarantee it because we make sure every account is secure before we sell it. If you can find another company who secures accounts better than us, we will g ...
  4. questionCan the game companies detect that you are selling/buying an account?
    No. We use Class C IP's on all our orders dedicated to individual accounts. While other companies use the same IP's over and over, or foreign chinese IP's on your account, we use SECURE IP's as you could purchase an account from a foreign company, and within a few weeks after your order it's ban ...
  5. questionWhy is your website so automated?
    Our systems are as automated as they can be to avoid common human error mistakes.
  6. questionAre you based in China?
    No. We are 100% American Based since 2007. That doesn't mean that we have a domestic office located in the United States like the rest, it means that 100% of our staff are born Americans with our only offices based in the United States.
  7. questionHow much feedback does your PayPal account have?
    Our PayPal account has a positive feedback of 60,000 currently.
  8. questionHow long have you been in business?
    GameWar launched it's website in September 2007. However, the employees that work for GameWar have been in this industry since the late 90s.
  9. questionHow many customers have purchased from your website before?
    In February 2010, we received our 100,000th buyer.
  10. questionI received a strange e-mail from World of Warcraft. What do I do?
    The most current phishing scam is most sophisticated we have seen so far, and we’ve seen our share. The phishing scam arrives in the form of an email informing you that your World of Warcraft account will be disabled. The email gives a link for you to follow where you are sent to a login ...
  11. questionDo not purchase Subscription or CD Key codes online
    Purchasing of WoW Game Time Subscription Codes can cause your WoW Account to get suspended if you purchase them on the internet. EXPLOIT IN WOW SYSTEM There is an exploit in WoW system that is allowing scammers to sell duplicated codes that can be used to activate your WoW Account. These codes ...
  12. questionDo you use MSN, YM, AIM, ICQ for buying and selling?
    We never use MSN, YM, AIM, ICQ to perform any transactions. All our buying and selling is processed via our Live Help ( Live Chat Window ) and by E-mail. Please ignore those requests made if someone messages you through an online messenger service.
  13. questionHow do I fully secure and protect my account after purchase?
    In order to fully protect and secure your account from game developer investigations, suspensions, and/or bannings, we request that you Never use any botting, automation or hacking program. Never buy currency or items. If you want to purchase currency or items safely, you should receive suc ...
  14. questionOur 10 Year Guarantee Protection and Security Policy
    Our company offers a 10 Year Guarantee Protection and Security Policy What is this guarantee and security policy? This policy is a 10 year term upon purchasing an order with us that for 10 years we will offer protection on your account. What does your guarantee and security policy cover? Everyti ...
  15. questionDoes moving my character to a new account add any additional security?
    No, moving your character to a new account will not add any additional security. Many account retailers force customers to move the characters they are buying to a new account and claim by doing so the account will be more secure. This is false, moving your character to a new account will only c ...
  16. questionIs it safe to use my own credit card on an account?
    Yes. It is absolutely safe.
  17. questionI thought account buying, trading, and selling was illegal?
    Virtual trade or real-money trade (RMT) has been taking place for years. There is some controversy as various game publishers don't condone virtual trade while other game publishers actively encourage trade. While we acknowledge and respect the ownership rights of game publishers and developers, ...
  18. questionHow secure is made4play, special, and built accounts?
    All accounts come with a 10 Year Security and Protection Policy which means that if your account is disabled, you do not take the hit. The benefit for ordering a made4play account is that you have no risk, and you become the original owner with all the original owner information once it has been ...
  19. questionIs purchasing accounts safe?
    Yes. All accounts ordered directly from us come with our 10 Year Guarantee Protection and Security Policy. If anything is to happen to the account, you can use our policy to replace your existing account.
  20. questionWhere do your accounts come from?
    All of our accounts are "pre-played"-"pre-leveled" accounts purchased from retired players. All of our accounts are purchased from players that are located and play within the United States or Canada. The accounts listed on our website only have North American IP's logged onto them.
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