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EVE: To Buy, Sell, or Trade? That Is the Question!

Why would you consider heading to an MMORPG Account Store to Trade, Sell, or Buy EVE Accounts? The reasons are as numerous as the players who traverse the Milky Way as an Amarr, a Caldari, a Gallente, or a Minmatar, but there is absolutely no kind of player who wouldn’t benefit from being able to Trade, Sell, or Buy EVE Accounts with, to, or from an MMORPG Account Store—including the kind that’s never played EVE Online before!

Who would want to Buy EVE Accounts from an MMORPG Account Store? The obvious choice is anyone who’s never tried EVE and doesn’t have an EVE Account. Rather than struggling through months of leveling up—Eve Online Accounts are notorious for being one of the most difficult game accounts to level up—you can start playing the game with a high-leveled character of any race or gender you want complete with rare and expensive ships, modules, and implants! (You’ll see why you need an EVE Account filled with those things once you start playing!)

But other players who should want to Buy EVE Accounts are players who’re disappointed with their Eve Online Accounts so far. Maybe they have put in months of leveling up but they’re still not getting the results they want. Maybe they can never get all those ships, modules, or implants that they have their hearts set on. Well, skip the struggling and Buy EVE Accounts with exactly the specs and accessories you want most! If you have two computers, you can even play both your old EVE Account and your new EVE Account side by side!

Who would want to Sell EVE Accounts? Primarily two kinds of people. The first are players who feel they’ve done all they care to do with their Eve Online Accounts. Maybe they’ve mostly moved on to other MMORPGs. Maybe they’re just tired of MMOs all together. In any case, continuing to pay their EVE Account’s subscription fee is a waste. So Sell EVE Accounts to an MMORPG Account Store and earn real, spendable cash!

The other type of player who may choose to Sell EVE Accounts is the experienced gamer who still loves playing EVE and who would love to get paid for it! Develop dynamic EVE Accounts, Sell EVE Accounts to an MMORPG Account Store, earn cash, and then turn around and create a new EVE Account. Develop that EVE Account and Sell EVE Accounts again, making dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of dollars each time!

Who should consider the option to Trade EVE Accounts with an MMORPG Account Store? Every kind of player who already has an EVE Account! Someone who wants a more impressive EVE Account without putting in the hours necessary to make it happen, a person who could definitely see him or herself totally giving up on his or her original EVE Account once they have the stellar new one, should Trade EVE Accounts! Those kinds of players will still have to pay to upgrade Trade EVE Accounts, but they’ll save a lot of money by offering their old EVE Account in exchange!

Someone who’s getting a little bored with playing with the same old ships and faces and who would love to make a little extra cash should Trade EVE Accounts! Elect to downgrade Trade EVE Accounts and you’ll be paid the difference in the value of your current EVE Account and the new EVE Account you trade for. Plus, you’ll be adding a little pep into your currency EVE Online gameplay when you play the game from a new perspective! If you get bored with that Eve Account, downgrade Trade EVE Accounts or Sell EVE Accounts again and earn more cash!

From the hardcore EVE Online player to the person who’s been a little interested in the game but has yet to build his or her own EVE Account, there’s something for everyone at an MMORPG Account Store! How you benefit when you Trade, Sell, or Buy EVE Accounts is up to you!



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