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18 Human Necromancer Male 100 Guild Wars Profile $136.5
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13 Human Necromancer Male 500 Guild Wars Profile $68.25
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12 Ranger Male 10 Guild Wars Profile $45.5
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Have you considered buying a Guild War account? Did you realize that the purchase would make a considerable difference to your Guild War career? So here’s a way for you. Buying a Guild War account will help to jumpstart your game career. Though Guild War doesn’t require a subscription to beginning from the scratch, and going through various challenges and difficulties to reach the higher levels, the account helps you in doing otherwise. Players who prefer to buy a Guild War account can get into certain areas of the game that would otherwise not be possible. Though starting at the higher level, poses newer challenges for your characters, it also makes the game more interesting and fun to play. It equips your characters with more powers and privileges for the game.

BY buying Guild War account the players can get into combats and represent themselves through the characters. One can empower or take away the power from the characters. The actions of the characters can be controlled. Having an account a player can manipulate the characters into performing as they like. Also, with buying Guild war account grants special privileges to the characters and takes them to a higher level of the game.

Guild War is another one of an online role playing games. It was developed and designed by Arena Net and was published by NcSoft. Along with being a role playing a multiplayer game it showcases two styles of game playing - a co-operative role playing component and a competitive game between the players who have Guild War accounts.

The game brings you to the make believe world of Tyria. The game is played with each separate campaign in mind. A player gets into role building and builds and customizes his own characters. The characters that the player’s role play with try to save Tyria against its enemies or the villains of the game. Players can form groups with other players as well as non-players, commonly referred to as the henchmen and heroes to go on missions and get into quests during the tenure of the game. The uniqueness of the game and unlike any other is that the players are allowed to create characters at the highest level and design equipments especially for the game.

When you play Guild War the player can abstain from paying any subscription fees and can play it online without any limit. However there may be some areas that a player might get into for which he or she would have to pay some money to buy a Guild War account.