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Special Pre Order: Create Your Own Custom Level 220. Included With Purchase: Arid, Dust Brigade, Nervete, Penumbra Quest. Full Beta Simbiants DB Armor, Alba Bracer, OFAB Armor Weapon. AI 20 LE 56. Choose Your Server, Profession, Breed, Gender, Faction and More.$299.99

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Anarchy Online accounts are one of a kind, allowing you to have you character instantly instead of spending those boring weeks leveling up, and obtaining the gear you always wanted. We offer a wide selection of dozens of new to old accounts, all backed up by our policies above. So check out our anarchy accounts while they last! Here are 5 reasons to buy anarchy online accounts from us

  • Receive Your Anarchy Online Account Information In As Fast As 30 Minutes After You Order!
  • Newly Updated Account Information which changes the name of the person on the account for 100% security.
  • Most Anarchy Accounts Also Come With Original CD Keys
  • All Anarchy accounts come with our 10 year term agreement. This means that if a problem occurs on our end, you will receive a full refund or a replacement account at the same value or a little above the value of the account.
  • Direct wholesale straight from the USA and Europe, not China like the rest.

More About Anarchy Online Accounts

How about choosing and being able to design your own character for a game? A game immensely popular, modern and over and above everything, interactive with a sci-fi base. It feels incredible to be a member of the Anarchy Online Accounts and play the online game called Anarchy.

Anarchy online accounts enable you to play the game Anarchy. Anarchy is a sci-fi imaginative game where the members who are also the Anarchy online accounts holders garb into the inhabitants of Rubi-Ka or the Shadowlands. The game is played in a 3-D virtual world. Human characters and characters controlled by the computer are a part of the 3-D world and different in characteristics.

The game starts with the Anarchy online accounts holders and player building a character, which is unique and different from others through the various permutations and combinations. The player can decide on a name, its gender, complete physical attributes through the choices in the templates. The ultimate choice is choosing the characters profession of whether he wants to be a doctor, scientist, soldier, meta- physicist or anything else. Each of these chosen characters comes with a unique and a different set of capabilities and abilities that are portrayed while playing the game. The other option being to be a part of Omni-Tek, who are the owners of the planet Rubi-Ka who have a 100 years lease on the planet given to them by ICC or Interstellar Confederation of Corporations. Then can also be a part of the negative forces or Clans, who are basically rebels from the work groups who have been associated into negative ploys of stealing and trading Notum- the expensive and valuable metal that has made Rubi-Ka famous and much sought after.

Those holding Anarchy online accounts or the members d not play the game with an objective of specifically being victorious or winning the game. The game is played with the mindset of improving their skills and social networking skills. The players interact with other players through the interface screen provided while playing Anarchy. The display in the game screen has a series of menus and buttons that help communicate with other players in the form of chat via text windows. It can easily be said to be a role playing game where a distinct structure is provided for role playing events. Events are organized by players or by the Funcom staff.

The players who also he Anarchy Online accounts are required to complete set objectives. In addition to this, the players are also encouraged to joining teams who are almost similar to their own kind. These teams are bound together by social or technical causes. These teams are able to build and make their own stuff in the game world, controls and run their player fields and enter special content.

Undoubtedly, the game initiates you into a whole new world of 3D and virtual games and a make believe world.